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Driving a Self-Driving Car

Changing the way humans communicate with AI by providing control over autonomous driving

Your Autonomous Vehicle, Driving the Way You Drive

Introducing a new, driving control for autonomous vehicles.

This curved interface is implemented into the vehicle and acts as a collaborative paradigm, facilitating communication between human driver and vehicle AI.

Key Features:

  • Provides driver with different aspects of control in unique situations during the autonomous driving experience
  • Keeps drivers in autopilot mode, increasing vehicle safety and road predictability
  • Decreases driver’s cognitive load and fatigue
  • Engages the driver through preference input and interaction, increasing driving enjoyability

Collaborative Decision Making

This control allows the driver to control the car without ever worrying about potential risks and consequences as long as the car is in autonomous mode. Clear delineation between area for user action and vehicle communication we also allow information and interaction to flow dynamically across the interface.

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Harman International

Harman International designs and engineers connected products and solutions for automakers, consumers, and enterprises worldwide. This includes connected car systems, audio and visual products, and enterprise automation solutions. Harman serves the world’s automakers with embedded infotainment, telematics, connected safety and security capabilities

The Team

For the last eight months, five graduate students in Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Human-Computer Interaction program have been working with Harman International to improve the user experience of autonomous vehicles. Although there were many avenue to take in this new, vast domain, they were motivated to improve on the autonomous driving experience for those who would be affected most, the driver.

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